"Glen was part of a talented group of engineers at HomeGain when I was the CTO of the organization. I worked closely with Glen and his direct manager on a very complex Linux project and observed his analytical skills as well as his approach to problem solving, I was very impressed with the quality of his work from the very beginning. Glen took many initiatives to share his knowledge and increase the level of expertise within the technical team.

Glen is one of the most loyal, hardworking, talented engineers that I have had the pleasure of working with. His technical knowledge and skills combined with his common sense and superb people skills (from colleagues to executives) make him a great asset within any technical organization. I highly recommend him."

--Bahram Mahbod, ex-CTO,
HomeGain April 15, 2008

"Glen and I worked together at the Berkeley Phylogenomics Group for about 5 months. I would describe Glen as an excellent colleague and a deeply ethical and scrupulous worker. His technical expertise is well complemented by a strong work ethic and commitment to high standards. Glen will be a strong addition to any technical team and I recommend him highly and without qualification."

--Shailen Tuli, Programmer,
UC Berkeley January 22, 2012

It is a pleasure to recommend Glen Jarvis... Glen's performance in class was solid - an "A", rank 5 out of 33. He also completed an exceptional final project with additional circuitry for a LED display and for sound on a small piezo speaker. He is a hard working and talented student.

What made him stand out, however, was his personality and tenacity in the classroom. In nearly two decades of teaching, I had never before walked into a classroom early, to see students, completely absorbed in their work, animatedly discussing problems on the chalkboard....

Glen was the ringleader in making this happen, due to his contagious enthusiasm.... As I looked back over the class rolls to write this letter, even the B and some of the C students have gone on to distinguish themselves - and the class regards Glen as a peer leader and role model...

--Dr. Donald Wunsch, Ph.D.
MK Finley Distinguished Prof.
University of Missouri - Rolla October 28, 2007

"Glen is a highly motivated team player. He is results orientated and consistently communicates at different levels within an organization to ensure information flow. Glen is extremely technical but understands business goals. Time and time again, people within our organization seek Glen out to ask questions which proves that he is a natural mentor and that co-workers trust him."

--John Viti, Cofounder/VP of Sales and Marketing
Mobile SpinachJanuary 26, 2012

"Working with Glen has been an inspiring experience, his commitment to work is remarkable and he will not stop working on a project/customer until all the people involved have been fully satisfied. He is also always willing to work with other people whenever deemed as appropriate. Good team worker and carries very good team spirit."

--Paolo Giromini, Technical Support Agent
Informix Software (and IBM)August 30, 2007

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